Thursday, 16 November 2017

The film is called Confident Drink a boy who is shy to read his speech at the front of the classroom then he saw a commercial that he saw it was the confident drink on the TV the he saw the the number then he called it then he ask for one then they said be in 2 min then he got the drink then he drink ed it then he said I feel confident then he read his speech at the front of the class.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


writing work



In the beginning of time there was a wise wizard that lived
In a big dark house on a big
Mountain that his neighbours
Were so frightened of the scary wizard.

he goes in the
Atic and use his power on him To make him look strong and have abs he want to be a big bodybuilder and go on tv.

He wanted to be a bodybuilderWhen he was little but since he has the power to look tough he wanted to be like his dad.
Now since the wizard has power of turning him into a bodybuilder now he's the toughest in his town his neighbours are scared of him and now he would always go to the gym.
He can see he was dreaming about being a bodybuilder now he’s got his dream in real  life Now he goes to the stadium to go do bodybuilder show Now he can be on tv.
He went to go compete against other bodybuilders he went up But then his power was going away his power lasted for 3 days when went on stage he Was going to flex but then his powers went away his muscle and abs went away.
His body was getting smaller And even smaller he didn’t know when he looked at him He was scared he quickly ran Off stage his body was still getting smaller he ran outside And he never did bodybuilding Any more with his powers.